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Cheeky Chickpea – weekly recurring order €4.50

curried chickpea stew

Cheeky Chickpea 220g – 2 portions

Indian cuisine is to plant-based foods what Hollywood is to movies. The core of what veggie eating is all about. The spice mix is largely garam masala, and the fresh turmeric adds a beautiful yellow hue. I like to eat Cheeky Chickpea on basmati rice or on couscous, which is even faster to make than rice.

Source of protein. Rich in fiber. Source of iron. This recipe is based on the rich culinary tradition of India, using fresh turmeric and curry.

Tray made of recycled plastic. And recyclable. This may seem like a standard plastic tray but it is not. Reducing demand for virgin packaging materials was central to Cool Beans Foods, even at the expense of microwavability. This is why the beans are not in glass, not in fiber. PET is the most resource efficient. Glass can be a more sustainable option only if you re-use it at least 20 times, while at least this packaging has already been through it!

Ingredients: Belgian chickpeas*, water, onion*, sunflower seed oil*, turmeric*, ginger*, garlic*, salt, spices* of varying proportions. Allergens: made in a facility that also works with mustard, eggs, milk, fish, shellfish, treenuts, and celery. *organic agriculture.

How to prepare: take the contents out of the packaging before heating, chose sustainability over microwaveability. Heat 5-8 mn in a pan or 1-2 mn in the microwave. Ideal on a bed of rice with vegetables and fresh mint.

This product is meant to be kept in the refrigerator at temperatures not exceeding 7C and once opened only lasts a few days. This product is under modified atmosphere to preserve shelf life.

Cool Beans Foods
Made by Les Délices du Centre
Rue Mon Gaveau 4
7110 Strepy-Bracquegnies

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